Urban Agenda and the India Phone Number List

There will be no positive answers to that question (in Latin America and probably not elsewhere) if the political and social lefts do not face head-on and with India Phone Number List their own position that major source of power that has become scientific and technological knowledge. Its accelerated rise during the final decades of the 20th centuryit combined with the restructuring of capitalism driven by neoliberal ideology to give rise to India Phone Number List changes of planetary scope. Two types of industrial society, one capitalist and the other statist, faced each other in the Cold War during which India Phone Number List decolonization was making its way.

The so-called First World was the scene of a new technological revolution, it adapted its relations of production to the advance of the productive forces and became India Phone Number List a capitalist society of knowledge; there, in the synthetic characterization of Tulio Halperin Donghi, capital defeated labor and even the State6. In the Second World of the so-called «real socialism», the prevailing social relations – economic, political India Phone Number List and ideological – worked more than favored technical-productive innovation based on state-of-the-art science; State socialism imploded, by collapse in the Soviet Union, by mutation to a type of authoritarian capitalism in China. Capitalist globalization spread across almost the entire planet. Decolonization generally led to the various forms of neo-colonial subordination – economic, political, even military and ideological – that almost everything that was India Phone Number List yesterday the Third World suffers from.

The “peripheral condition”, once characterized by dependence on industrialized countries, today has much to do with weakness in science, technology and innovation.7.In the India Phone Number List present, a new Cold War is taking shape, pitting the great power where the capitalist knowledge society arose against the great power that is most effectively using advanced knowledge as the basis of its power. The panorama evokes the confrontation, from the second half of the nineteenth century , between the British empire, where the capitalist industrial India Phone Number List society had emerged, and the German empire, which had come to make better use of science and technology. At that time, the world divide was being forged between the West of the industrial centers and the rest of the planet.